Host an MPH Student

Have a project idea for hosting an MPH student for an applied practice experience? Read more below & submit a Practice Site Opportunity Form.

Our team is committed to a community engaged learning approach throughout the MPH curriculum. Students gain real-world practice and mentorship in the field, while contributing valuable work to public health organizations with support from MPH faculty and staff. Applied learning helps to translate what’s learned in the classroom to real-world issues.

Contact the MPH Program’s Applied Practice Coordinator, Audrey Baker, at

What is an Applied Practice Experience?

Akin to a fellowship, internship or apprenticeship, a practice experience is designed to impact a public health issue through partnership with an organization and support an MPH student to apply and build skills learned through coursework to a real-world setting with public health needs in New York State, the U.S., or around the world. The organization benefits from valuable materials, services and other activities, and the student benefits from mentoring in the field to refine their work skills and professional behavior.

For more details, check out the Applied Practice Guide for MPH partners.

Funding: Practice experiences can require budgeting and planning, especially if a student plans to travel for the experience. Costs might include airfare, housing accommodations, or commuting costs. International students or projects may also require visa or immunization fees. While some practice experience partners offer stipends, many do not. t is the student’s responsibility to research funding options and secure necessary funding. It is also up to the student to determine whether a practice partner offers a stipend, or reimbursement for other specific costs and, if so, to outline these in writing. See more information on funding options for student projects on the MPH Program’s funding page.

Applied Practice Sites & Projects

Applied practice sites are organizations – public, private, or non-governmental – engaged in public health work anywhere in the world. MPH students contribute to an organization with their time and by creating or assisting with useful products and/or services that contribute to the public’s health. Applied Practice sites are also MPH program partners. Applied practice placements should:

  • Address a practical public health issue in a real-world setting.
  • Contribute to an organization and contribute valuable materials and services.
  • Ask a student to apply graduate level skills learned in the MPH curriculum.
  • Challenge a student to learn new skills.
  • Involve a site supervisor with enough training and time to oversee the project and mentor a student’s professional growth

If an organization has an idea for an MPH applied practice experience, they may contact the MPH practice coordinator, or submit the Practice Site Opportunity Form on this page to outline the skills and experience a student might need to bring to a specific project.

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