We are interested in students from a broad array of professional, academic, and geographic backgrounds. We personally review every submitted application. Tell us your story and why the Cornell MPH program is the right fit for you.

Apply online via the SOPHAS application portal. Select Cornell from the list of Institutions. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis through April 15th. 

We pull applications from SOPHAS on the first of each month (October-April). Get your application in soon as we offer admission to a number of students each month starting in October!

We offer rolling admissions through April 15th.

Some Hints

  • Upload the right materials: transcripts, GREs *, resume, personal statement, statement of intent, and three letters of reference.
  • If you already have an advanced degree, you may want to apply to the Accelerated Program. Please complete and upload the Accelerated MPH Application.
  • If you live within commuting range of Cornell (1 hour), and want to work while studying, you may want to apply to the Part-Time Program. Please complete and upload the Part-Time MPH Application.

Contact us with any questions you may have about qualifications, academics, the application process, the Cornell experience, moving to Ithaca, or anything else related to our program. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

If you have questions about the WES Evaluation, please visit

*Contact us if you want to discuss the possibility of a GRE exemption.

Alternative Options for Study

  • Accelerated Program: If you are finishing up a master’s or doctoral degree and you are interested in public health, you might consider the accelerated MPH program. Please use the SOPHAS Webpage . Please be sure to include your Accelerated MPH Application.
  • Employee Degree Program: If you are employed at Cornell, and are interested in public health, you might consider the part-time MPH program. Please use the SOPHAS Express Webpage. Please be sure to include your Part-Time MPH Application.

For further questions regarding admissions, please reach out to: cornellmph@cornell.edu607.253.4390.

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