Cornell Public Health Symposium – 2019

Climate Change and Health: A Call to Action

Friday November 15, 2019

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8:00 AM Registration
8:45 AM Opening Remarks

Alex Travis, Director, Cornell Master of Public Health Program; Professor of Reproductive Biology, Baker Institute of Animal Health

College of Veterinary Medicine
Lecture Hall 5
9:00 AM Keynote

Andy Dobson, AD White Professor-at-Large; Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University

College of Veterinary Medicine Lecture Hall 5
10:00 AM Coffee Break CVM Atrium
10:15 – 11:45 AM Session I: Food, Energy, and the Environment in a time of Climate Crisis

Dairy farming – a local tale with global lessons
Daryl Nydam, Professor, Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences; Faculty Director, Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability

Planetary Health: Energy security and its implications on health care access, delivery, and quality in Tanzania
Emily Lasher, Emily Sanchez, and Oderachukwu Ugwu, Students in Global and Public Health Sciences, Biology and Society, and Inequality Studies, Cornell University

Small Island States and the impacts of big nations; investments in infrastructure
Lorraine Francis, Lecturer, Master of Public Health Program, Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences

Climate projection uncertainty implications for predicting health risks
Toby Ault, Associate Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell Engineering

Panel Q&A

College of Veterinary Medicine Lecture Hall 5
11:45 AM Lunch and Poster Session
1:00 – 2:30 PM Session II: The Power of Policy and Community Engagement for Climate Action

On the frontlines of climate change: including indigenous and community voices in global narratives
Anjali Nayar, Founder and CEO of TIMBY (This Is My Backyard); Filmmaker

Our Experience at the CNN Climate Crisis Town Hall
Marc Alessi and Colin Evans, Graduate Students, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell Engineering

The Art of Science Communication: Creating community-based plays on climate change
Sara Warner, Associate Professor, Performing & Media Arts; Stephen H. Weiss Jr. Fellow; Director, LGBT Studies Program

Climate Change and the need for an interdisciplinary approach to policy changes
Rebecca Morgenstern Brenner, Lecturer, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs

Panel Q&A

College of Veterinary Medicine Lecture Hall 5
2:30 PM Coffee Break
3:00 PM



4:00 PM

Keynote – Hosted by the Department of Development Sociology

Eating Tomorrow: The Battle for the Future of Food
Tim Wise, Senior Research Fellow, Global Development, Tufts University


Zoomed to Lecture Hall 5, Live in B73 Warren Hall
7:30 PM The Next Storm 
A community-based play created by the Civic Ensemble, Cornell University, and playwright Thom Dunn ($12/$18)
Kiplinger Theater, Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts


Carbon offsets for the symposium have been purchased from the Fingerlakes Climate Fund

Sponsored by the Master of Public Health Program, Engaged Cornell and the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability


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